Cu Vase

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This copper piping vase can add an industrial feel to any living area. The three-dimensional pipe maze appears to disappear into the wall or table surface, like a exposed remnant from some past heavy industry.

The mouth of the vase is approximately 20mm (0.8 inches) wide. Water can be added and held in the vase, and released via the red gate valve at the base.

Each piping component is unique and may have it's own industrial imperfections. If you like a more polished look, it's as easy as some Brasso on a soft cloth and rubbing like a genie might pop out. If you want a more distressed look, the copper can be made to patina. Your vase, your rules. It's all good.

Overall dimensions:

Height: 34cm (13.4in)
Width: 30cm (12in)
Depth: 14cm (5.5in)

Weight (with water): 1.2 kg (approx 2.6 lbs)

Available in either wall mounted or table standing variants.

Plants and wall hanging hardware not included (but we can give you some recommendations on both!)