Dynamite Vase Front View
Dynamite Vase Side view
Close up of dynamite vase water splashing
Close up of dynamite vase water splashing
Dynamite vase displayed in a book case

Ancienne Noir Dynamite Vase

Regular price €90.00

The Dash Lucky Dynamite Vases are truly unique, one-of-a-kind functional art pieces for your home, inspired by Martin Klimas' high speed photography series.

Expertly detonated, these vases capture a perfectly juxtaposed moment of chaos and calm, movement and inertia, frozen in time for the hands to hold and eyes to behold.

Each vase is sourced from unusual stalls and hidden boutiques across Europe, before being blasted to smithereens. Therefore, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind in every sense of the word(s).

Apart from being an amazing centerpiece and conversation starter, the vases are fully functional and can hold water and of course your favourite foliage.

The variation pictured is the Ancienne Noir.

Height: 26cm
Diameter at mouth: 9cm

Each piece is handmade to order with a 2-3 week processing time.